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Saint-Pierre-de-Maillé B&B - Bed and Breakfast - Saint-Pierre-de-Maillé Holiday Rentals

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Le Donjon

Ciron B&B

The accommodations Each room has been tastefully decorated in a traditional style, combining vintage charm with modern amenities. - Double room with twin beds: Includes a private bathroom with a bathtub and toilet. - Double room with twin beds: Features a washbasin and bidet, with access to a shared bathroom equipped with a shower and toilet. - Double room with a double bed: Offers a washbasin, with access to a shared bathroom equipped with a shower and toilet. Ciron, a picturesque village nestled on the banks of the enchanting Creuse River, boasts three magnificent castles and breathtaking scenery. The river flows just behind our charming house.

From €40 / night


Lurais B&B & Gite

B & B Park of Brenne is a charming twelfth-century house that offers a spacious room with a balcony, bathroom, and separate toilet. Situated on a site overlooking the Anglin River, which connects the regions of Berry and Poitou, it provides a picturesque view. Our location is conveniently located just 2.5 km from Angles sur L'Anglin, one of the most stunning villages in France, known for its Magdalenian site and museum. Additionally, we are only 13 km away from the Abbey of St Savin, which boasts frescoes classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, and 13 km from La Roche Posay, a renowned spa town. Furthermore, the House Brenne ponds are a mere 20 km away, offering beautiful natural surroundings. Lastly, Poitiers and the famous Futuroscope theme park are within a 45 km radius.

From €70 / night

Les Noyers

Angles Sur L'anglin B&B

Our two cottages are situated within the charming confines of an ancient farmhouse, enveloped by picturesque fields and surrounded by numerous footpaths. Additionally, guests have the pleasure of enjoying an outdoor pool measuring 10m by 4m, which is available for shared use among our cottages.

From €75 / night

Saint Victor La Grand Maison

Ingrandes B&B & Gite

There are certain places on this earth that exude an undeniable sense of tranquility and contentment. All it takes is a gentle hill adorned with a charming village, overlooking a field that gracefully slopes down to a tranquil river. And amidst this picturesque landscape stands a majestic 450-year-old oak tree, seemingly presiding over the entirety of the scene. Welcome to Saint Victor la Grand’Maison – our home, and a place where you are invited to sojourn. Here, we have carefully restored our houses and gardens, preserving the true essence of the French way of life. Our aim is to offer you an authentic experience, where you can unwind, forge connections, and relish in the simple pleasures of existence – whether it be taking leisurely naps, sharing heartfelt moments, cooking and savouring delicious cuisine, or engaging in endless conversations filled with laughter.

From €120 / night

Val De Creuse

La Roche Posay B&B & Gite

Experience a tranquil and inviting atmosphere at Hostellerie Val de Creuse, where you will find accommodation designed to provide a serene and peaceful environment. Whether you are seeking a calm getaway or a rejuvenating stay, our establishment offers the perfect setting. Additionally, enjoy the luxury of a private beach and indulge in soothing massages to enhance your relaxation.

From €59 / night

La Benjamine

Concremiers B&B & Gite

Welcome to The Benjamin, a delightful 15th-century cottage nestled in the picturesque Anglin Valley. This charming abode can comfortably accommodate up to 5 guests, making it an ideal getaway for families. With its prime location within the Park of the Brenne, you can expect a vacation filled with exciting sports and recreational activities, ensuring a warm and inviting experience amidst the serene countryside. Prices start at just 360 per week.

From €295 / week

Chateau de Forges

Concremiers B&B

Indulge in a few days immersed in the finest aspects of our cherished family customs and rich medieval legacy. Relax and rejuvenate amid the tranquil and cozy ambiance of our enchanting historic setting.

From €95 / night

Le Studio Gite Nr Antigny

Antigny B&B & Gite

We are currently offering a delightful traditional farm-house gite for two people, as well as La Grange, which can accommodate six guests. These accommodations are located in the peaceful rural hamlet of La Faye, in the department of La Vienne. Surrounded by stunning fields, this serene setting is perfect for those seeking a break from the stresses of modern life. Our site also features a magnificent swimming pool for you to enjoy at your leisure. For the more active individuals, there are numerous activities available, including walking, cycling, horse riding, canoeing, fishing, and exploring the vibrant markets and restaurants of La Vienne. With a range of charming historic towns and villages easily accessible from the gites, your visit to La Faye will create lasting memories. The gites are conveniently located just 30 minutes away from Poitiers Airport, which offers flights from London Stanstead via Ryanair. Additionally, Paris is only a 1 1/2-hour journey by TGV, and the beautiful coast of La Rochelle can be reached by car in the same amount of time. Nearby, the River Gartempe, with its lush banks, is one of the most picturesque rivers in the region. It is home to a diverse range of wildlife and offers activities such as peaceful boat trips, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. The river flows through several historic towns, including Saint Savin, renowned for its remarkable Abbey with beautiful Romanesque frescoes listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. For those seeking a more therapeutic and relaxing experience, a trip to La Roche Posay is highly recommended. This renowned Spa town offers healing, beauty, and relaxation treatments utilizing its curative waters. These treatments can be enjoyed as single sessions or incorporated into a personalized program lasting several days. On the way to La Roche Posay, make sure to visit the charming village of Angles-sur-L'Anglin, known for its medieval houses, exquisite gardens, cobbled streets, and the tranquil river Anglin. This village has earned the title of "Prettiest village in France" due to its picturesque scenery. Montmorillon, a city with a rich tradition of writing, illustrating, engraving, and paper manufacturing, is a true haven for lovers of literature and beautiful objects. The city still hosts workshops practicing these ancient skills, offering a fascinating day of exploration. Additionally, Montmorillon boasts exquisite architecture, intimate streets, and impressive 11th-century churches and monasteries. During your visit, you may also have the opportunity to participate in the numerous local festivals and fetes, where traditional music, song, dance, and food unite locals and visitors in towns and villages throughout the summer.

Gîte Rural

La Chapelle Mouliere B&B & Gite

This beautifully cozy cottage spans across 120 m2 and is nestled on the outskirts of the enchanting Moulière forest. As a standalone dwelling, it offers utmost privacy. The cottage features a spacious living room adorned with a comforting fireplace, along with three bedrooms, each accompanied by its own en suite bathroom. Additionally, a lovely terrace and garden are available for your enjoyment. With the convenience of central heating, your comfort is ensured throughout your stay. Notably, this cottage holds a prestigious 4-ear ranking from Gîte de France.

From €380 / week

Le Domaine de la Forge

Boussay B&B & Gite

Experience tranquility and serenity in our delightful cottage nestled within a picturesque fifteenth-century house, gracefully situated alongside a flowing river. Surrounded by an enchanting expanse of lush flowers and majestic trees, spanning over one and a half acres, this idyllic retreat promises a haven of peace and relaxation.

From €285 / week
(2 reviews)

Notre Dame Chauvigny

Chauvigny B&B

Experience the character and charm of an old school building that has been tastefully renovated and transformed into inviting guest rooms. This historic establishment brims with stories and heritage, offering a unique and memorable stay.

From €69 / night

Les Pierres Blanches

Bonneuil-Matours B&B

This charming property is nestled between a forest and a river, offering a delightful retreat. Guests can enjoy the refreshing swimming pool and the convenience of private parking. The rooms are individually decorated, providing a unique and personalized experience. Located just 15 km from the renowned Futuroscope theme park and 12 km from the medieval city of Chauvigny, this property offers the perfect combination of tranquility and easy access to nearby attractions.

From €65 / night

La Rivière aux Chirets

Chauvigny B&B & Gite

La Rivière aux Chirets, with a modest size, has managed to preserve a substantial portion of its interior dating back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

From €75 / night
(1 reviews)

La Pocterie

Vouneuil-sur-Vienne B&B

Martine and Michel Poussard cordially invite you to their picturesque country cottage, nestled amidst enchanting ancient roses. Located in the idyllic countryside of the Poitou region, their welcoming abode is open year-round. Immerse yourself in a tranquil and genuine ambiance, where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Experience the utmost charm and comfort of a top-tier guesthouse, as Martine and Michel extend their warm hospitality to ensure an unforgettable stay.

From €82 / night
(2 reviews)

Chez Elsa et Gildas

Mairé B&B & Gite

Join us for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation and experience our warm hospitality. Our charming hamlet is the ultimate destination for relaxation. Tucked away amidst serene woodlands, nestled between the enchanting La Groie and La Guerche forests, tranquility awaits you. Explore the picturesque paths that surround our hamlet, perfect for leisurely walks and peaceful moments. In September, immerse yourself in the magical ambiance as you listen to the mesmerizing sound of the stag bell... Located in the breathtaking natural landscape of the "Vienne," our hamlet is ideally situated at the intersection of three distinct regions. Whether you desire to explore the majestic castles of the Loire Valley, embark on an adventure at the Futuroscope site, or discover the beauty of the Brenne ponds, the choice is yours. Alternatively, indulge in the rejuvenating experience of the "Roche Posay" spa or immerse yourself in the plethora of sports and cultural activities available right at our doorstep.

From €50 / night

Le Chant Des étoiles

Cenon-sur-vienne B&B

Experience a one-of-a-kind retreat in a charming vintage trailer.

From €60 / night

Serre Nuit Etoilée

Cenon Sur Vienne B&B

Experience the sheer beauty of nature through a delicate glass barrier... Immerse yourself in a botanical haven, surrounded by lush plants and fragrant flowers, while being mesmerized by the celestial wonders above. Indulge in a tranquil slumber within our greenhouse, where every modern comfort awaits: from refreshing air conditioning and convenient plumbing to luxurious bedding that guarantees a peaceful rest. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of blackout curtains, ensuring uninterrupted moments of bliss.

From €90 / night
(1 reviews)

Gîte des Lavandières

Salles En Toulon B&B & Gite

Located in close proximity to the river, this charming abode offers a spacious kitchen, a cozy living room, a well-appointed bathroom, and three inviting bedrooms. Additionally, a delightful little garden can be found on the premises.

From €150 / week
(2 reviews)

Chateau de Ré

Le Petit Pressigny B&B & Gite

Nestled next to the serene Aigronne waters, with a picturesque view of the ancient mill, lies the Château de Ré, eagerly awaiting your arrival. This immaculate stone structure stands sturdy, fortified by two buttresses crowned with a captivating stone cone. Inside, the north wing boasts a polygonal tower, housing a magnificent staircase that leads to various rooms and a spacious guardroom. It is within this grand space that you will be treated to a delightful breakfast, akin to being an esteemed guest at a lavish banquet.

From €110 / night

Chambres de la Loge

Montmorillon B&B

We have three guest rooms available in a beautifully restored old house near Montmorillon. These rooms are all certified by Gites de France, ensuring a high standard of quality and comfort. The decoration in each room is elegant and tasteful, creating a refined atmosphere. Our accommodations are designed to provide a warm and welcoming experience for our guests.

From €322 / night
(1 reviews)

Chambres d'hôtes de L'hippodrome

St Michel en Brenne B&B & Gite

This charming property, nestled in a peaceful village near Mezieres en Brenne, offers a delightful house with three guest rooms. Surrounded by natural beauty, the property boasts a serene ambiance perfect for a tranquil getaway. Additionally, the accommodation warmly welcomes pets, making it an ideal choice for animal lovers. To enhance relaxation and enjoyment, guests can also indulge in the luxury of a heated pool conveniently located on the premises.

From €60 / night
(5 reviews)

Au Moulin de la Croix

Charnizay B&B

Explore and uncover the enchanting wonders of a picturesque area at Moulin de la Croix, where the harmonious convergence of stone, earth, rivers, forests, and valleys awaits. Within the main building of the Mill, we have meticulously crafted two exquisite guest rooms that offer both comfort and a charming 8000m2 garden. Indulge in delectable breakfasts, thoughtfully prepared with ingredients sourced from our own garden or neighboring farms, which can be savored either in our kitchen adorned with a glass area above a mesmerizing mechanism, or in the serene ambiance of the greenhouse or garden.

From €80 / night

Chateau de Fouinières

Ingrandes sur Vienne B&B

Indulge in the pleasure of a genuine and authentic Anglo Norman manor, unlike any other in the region. This exclusive home exudes warmth and charm, developed over time. We have transformed this historic location into a welcoming place, where guests feel at home. Whether you seek a weekend getaway, a few days of relaxation, a lively cocktail party, a high-stakes poker game at a prestigious casino, a family event, or simply a stop on your way to your holiday destination, Fouinières Castle offers reception rooms, four bedrooms, and guest suites adorned with elegant decor. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Fouinières Castle, nestled within its classified park, encompassing woods, meadows, and pathways. Situated between Tours and Chatelleraullt, in the heart of the culturally rich Poitou region with its classified castles, and in close proximity to numerous golf courses and the Roche-Posay thermal baths, Fouinières Castle provides a unique and exclusive living experience. All our upgraded suites and rooms are tastefully decorated, spacious, and equipped with their own private bathrooms and WC facilities.

From €95 / night

Les Niallières

Ingrandes-sur-Vienne B&B

We offer rooms within a castle, where you will be hosted by friendly families. Our location is conveniently close to the renowned Futuroscope resort of La Roche-Posay. As our guest, you will have full access to the kitchen facilities, allowing you to prepare your own meals. In order to cater to individuals with environmental allergies, we have taken precautions such as having no curtains or carpets in the rooms. Additionally, we maintain a strict no smoking and no pets policy.

From €74 / night

Chateau de Piolant

Dange Saint Romain B&B & Gite

This chateau, with its oldest section dating back to the 11th century, has welcomed notable guests such as Louis XIII and Honoré de Balzac throughout its history. The first floor of the chateau offers five guest rooms, consisting of four double rooms and one triple room, all equipped with private facilities. The chateau is surrounded by expansive grounds adorned with ancient trees, providing a serene and picturesque atmosphere. Additionally, wifi is available for guests' convenience.

From €85 / night

Chambres D'hôtes De La Moussie

Saint-georges_lès-baillargeaux B&B

We cordially invite you to our cozy Poitevine house, conveniently situated just 7 km away from the Futuroscope. Our charming abode features four tastefully appointed rooms for your comfort and convenience. In select rooms, we have the flexibility to accommodate extra beds if needed. Starting at a reasonable rate of 50 euros per room, your stay also includes a delicious breakfast to kickstart your day.

From €50 / night

Le Castel

Lussac-les-châteaux B&B

COME JOIN US Our Domaine is situated at 4 Route de Saint-Savin, 86320 Lussac-les-Châteaux. If you are traveling by car, it will take you approximately 40 minutes from Poitiers via the N147, or 1 hour 30 from Limoges via the N147. For those preferring to travel by train, there are direct rail lines from both Limoges and Poitiers that conveniently serve Lussac-les-Châteaux. The train station is located right next to our property. You can find the schedules HERE. If you are flying in, the Poitiers-Biard airport is just a 45-minute drive from our property via the N147.

From €100 / night

Les Cabanes de Chanteclair

Chalais B&B & Gite

Located in the heart of the picturesque Center region, specifically in the Loire Valley, Berry, Indre, and Brenne, our accommodation offers an unforgettable experience. We have 12 cabins, each perched between 2 to 5 meters high, providing a unique and elevated perspective. For those seeking ultimate relaxation, we have two exclusive huts with private jacuzzis, perfect for couples. Additionally, our charming suite, spanning 50 square meters, also features a private jacuzzi. For larger groups, our enchanting 10-person cottage includes a private swimming pool within the premises. You can find us in Prissac, 36370, ready to provide you with an exceptional stay.

From €129 / night
(1 reviews)

Le Moulin à Vent

Thure B&B

Located in the beautiful countryside, just a short distance from both Futuroscope and the Châteaux de la Loire, you will find two charming guestrooms. Each room boasts a luxurious private marble bathroom and toilet. Situated in a sprawling 1-hectare park, guests can also enjoy a refreshing dip in the private swimming pool. The property offers a fantastic location for nature lovers, with forest walks right on the doorstep. Additionally, a private car park is available for your convenience. We are proud to be recognized by Gîtes de France with a 3-épis rating.

From €65 / night

Domaine du Ris de Feu avec PISCINE chauffée, SPA et SAUNA

Chalais B&B & Gite

Located in the heart of France, along the A20, Berry, within the breathtaking natural park of Brenne, Fire Ris is a truly exceptional destination. This rare gem offers a vast estate spanning 156 hectares of pristine forest, complete with a magnificent 15th-century mansion, tower, and fortified farm. Immerse yourself in a diverse and untouched ecosystem, surrounded by tranquil and secluded countryside. Indulge in ultimate relaxation with the added luxury of a sauna and jacuzzi, while our two spacious and charming suites, as well as our delightful cottages with private rooms, provide a perfect sanctuary. Our environmentally conscious renovation, using only the finest materials, adds to the unique charm of this place. Explore the enchanting pond and river with our boat, or stroll through the picturesque orchard-garden. With five private hiking routes spanning 20 kilometers, nature enthusiasts will be thrilled. To top it all off, we offer a music room for those who appreciate the harmonious melodies of life.

From €125 / night

Gîte Les Bréchetières

Descartes B&B & Gite

Welcome to our exquisite lodging in France, offering 3 stars / 4 stars **** accommodation for groups of 1-9 people. Our establishment boasts a delightful heated pool, providing both security and privacy. Experience tranquility, spaciousness, and utmost comfort during your stay. This charming house spans over 140 m² and is surrounded by a vast 1800m² park. Additionally, we provide a convenient Baby Kit to cater to your little one's needs.

From €390 / week

Les Chambres De La Fontaine

Gouex B&B

We are a couple from France and England, offering comfortable accommodation with three rooms, each equipped with en-suite bathrooms and toilets. Our establishment provides reliable WiFi connection and televisions in all rooms. The bedrooms are designed to ensure utmost comfort for our guests. Additionally, we have a bar and restaurant located on the ground floor, along with a specially designed room for individuals with disabilities, featuring a wet room and wheelchair accessibility. There is also a small kitchen area available for use. On the first floor, we offer two bedrooms with king-size beds and a terrace for a delightful experience.

From €50 / night

Les Cours du Clain

Poitiers B&B & Gite

Welcome to our charming and contemporary "Poitevin" manor, dating back to the 1830s. Situated near the picturesque river "Clain", our manor is nestled within a vast green park, just a 5-minute drive from the vibrant city center of Poitiers and a convenient 15-minute journey from the renowned Futuroscope. Experience absolute tranquility in our peaceful surroundings. Inside, you will find five delightful rooms, each tastefully decorated and offering modern comforts for a pleasant stay. Additionally, we provide a seminar room located in the orangery, perfect for any business or educational gatherings. Outside, an enchanting Italian garden encircles our inviting swimming pool, creating a serene atmosphere for relaxation. Step into our family home, where a warm and hospitable welcome awaits you.

From €90 / night


Chatillon B&B & Gite

Located in the charming hamlet of Le Puy near Murs, this exquisite Gite captures the essence of beauty and tranquility. Nestled amongst only four houses, it offers a truly idyllic retreat.

From €300 / week


Arpheuilles B&B & Gite

This description is for an ancient farm situated in the enchanting region of Brenne, known for its picturesque landscape of a thousand ponds, often compared to the renowned Camargue. Located at the heart of this area, the farm offers a unique experience in close proximity to the regional park and its exceptional ornithological site. Additionally, being in this location allows convenient access to the magnificent castles of the Loire Valley.

From €280 / week

Les Trois Fontaines - Poitiers

Poitiers B&B

Located near downtown Poitiers, the "Trois Fontaines" is a charming Poitevine house that perfectly encapsulates the style of the era in 1900. Situated just 15 minutes away from the renowned Futuroscope, this delightful residence offers three cozy bedrooms, each equipped with their own private bathroom. Nestled amidst the tranquil surroundings of the city, guests can enjoy a peaceful stay while still being in close proximity to all the attractions. The shared room provides a perfect space for recreational activities and reading. The kitchen dining area offers a splendid view of the garden, creating a serene ambiance for meals. With a nightly rate of 60€, which includes a delicious breakfast, guests can relish a delightful start to their day. Additionally, free Wifi is provided for convenience. For further information and to plan your stay, please refer to our website.

From €70 / night